Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's 4:30 am.

My Dad will be in to wake me in about 15 minutes.

I've been awake for about 20 minutes now.

My body knows it's time to go, and just wants to get the whole thing over with.

Yes, I know I have not finished tellling the tales of Miss M and my adventures over here, but those will have to wait until I get home.

Cause today's the day.

God I hate departure day!

Even though I am excited to get home and see my hubby, who I miss and I know misses me terribly...

Even though I know it's definately not the last visit we'll make...

Even though I'm looking forward to getting back to our routine and my own bed...

Jeez, I hate departure day!

I start to dread it a couple days before.

My stomach starts to tie up in knots, cause I know the inevitable is coming.

It used to be hard to say goodbye, knowing I wouldn't see my parents until...

But now it's worse...

I have an international family.

We are spread all over kingdom come.

I've always kinda loved that.

All the potential vacation destinations!

But now...

I have a friend whose family lives in England, and she said something to me that has really started to sink in as departure day has drawn nearer.

We were talking about how after having children, you really start to miss your family more then ever.

You really start to wish they lived nearer so they could be there to be apart of all the fun and important stuff happening as your child grows.

But, the hardest part she told me were the goodbyes.

"As the children get older" she said, "They start to be aware of saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and then the whole thing just becomes harder."

Aw jeez, I've always hated departure days...

But if it's possible, I think I hate them even more now!!

Had a fantastic time, but the party's over.

Here's to web conferencing!!



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