Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jessica made me do it!

This is a picture of me and my good friend Jessica Kane. We met when our little ones were just a few months old, and became instant friends. This picture was taken at the end of a fun filled, over-the-top night we spent celebrating her 30th birthday. We enjoyed good drinks, good food, luxury accommodations and LOTS of laughs! It was the best possible way, one of my best friends, could celebrate her “Dirty 30”.

Jessica took this picture the next morning at about 8:00 am. Why we were up at 8:00 am after a night of excess and debauchery, which ended only about 4 hours earlier? I have only one explanation. We are moms. A mom’s internal clock is programmed to go off every morning at the same ungodly hour, anticipating that someone, nearby will need a diaper change and sippy cup of milk. Needless to say, there were no such persons on this morning, but sorry ma'am, them’s the rules, we just abide by them.

Anyway, Jessica is an entrepreneurial, design and networking goddess. She is the owner of “Kane Kreative”, an umbrella company for her MANY entrepreneurial endeavors, and she also writes a fun fashion blog entitled “Fatshion Chic”. I love her, and for anyone out there, shaking their head thinking, “Great! Another blog, by another SAHM, who feels compelled to share her mundane and not even remotely original experiences and point of view with the world,” I just want to make one thing clear,


She MADE me start this blog. Yes, I’d be toying with the idea of starting a blog for a long time, but I’d decided against it. It seemed like everyone and their grandma had a blog. I just couldn’t think of any reason why anyone would feel inclined to read my rants and ramblings when there were the rants and ramblings of so many others to already choose from. Did you know there are over one hundred million blogs floating around out there in the blogosphere? I looked it up, and that is not even an exact number. Apparently, the number has become so immense that the powers that be just stopped counting. One hundred million ongoing diatribes, dedicated to every topic under the sun. Crafting, travel, pets, challenges, causes, there is even a blog called “Pointless Blather”. Their tagline, “Because the internet doesn’t yet contain enough pointless blather”, and they’re not being sarcastic. Their blog is indeed completely pointless.

So why add my own blather to further populate an already overpopulated medium? I say again,


She was so insistent. Hounding me whenever we were together. Constantly enquiring as to when I was going to start a blog, if I had started my blog yet, have I published my blog yet, have I decided on a name, content, banner, colour scheme… DUDE WHERE’S THE BLOG!!

And so it was reluctantly that I finally gave in, visited Blogger and registered. Okay, maybe by the time I registered I wasn’t so reluctant. In fact I was becoming really excited about the idea. Actually, I’m not sure why I ever resisted. When I look back at my school days, I LOVED writing stories. I even got published in my high school yearly “Scribbles and Scrolls” literary publication. Also, I once took a career aptitude test, and one of the careers it determined I’d have an aptitude for was as a writer, and we all know tests are NEVER wrong, right?

The reality is I am a storyteller, who comes from a long line of storytellers. My Dad is a great story teller, and his father, my Poppy, was even better. Actually, my father’s whole side of the family LOVES to tell a good story. Presumably they love to hear one too, if everyone would stop talking long enough to listen. What can I say the MacNeils are CHATTY, and that’s putting it mildly.

So, now I have a blog. What I truly believe to be one of the best tools to use for exercising your storytelling muscle. I’m hoping to get mine fit enough for some big projects I have planned for the future.

And I guess the next time Jessica tells me I should do something I should just do it. Although, I’m not sure “Jessica made me do it” will work as an excuse in all situations, so it might be best if I continue to remain cautious. You never know what kinds of high jinks Jessica and I may get up to.

Hoping I won’t ever find myself having to utter, "Jessica made me do it" to an official authority figure,



Fatshion Chic said...

Thank you for blogging and I SOO told you so ;).
So fun, love it, never stop, keep going and going!!!!
love ya,
Jessica - THE JESSICA :)

Princessbebop said...

Cute! Excited to read you future adventures!! :)

glennmacneil said...

Mandy this is your Dad I don't talk much but then again I do tend to ramble a bit but I think mabye not so much except when I have something that needs to be said of course and then as you know it is very important to get it out before it blows up inside of you but really I don't think I go on much about anything in particular I just like to make sure things are clear in the world I mean really waht would it be like if we all just took all the information out in the world for grantid as if it was the truth when we all know conspricy is everywere what with the crop circle situation and all that stuff I was just at stonehenge reciently amd you shpuld see the circles they are everywere but then again it was harvest time and the farmer told me he let his young boy handle the tractor but anyway,,,,,, Oh was I rambling,,,,,, oh my look at that I forgot to punctuate,,,,, but just to clarify I really don't talk much ,,, Do I? well mabyea bit,,,, oh well you know how it is supper is ready gotta go

Mandy:) said...

Thanks for clarifying that Dad :) LOL, Love you!!

glennmacneil said...

Mandy This is Dad Idon't talk alot not relly well perhaps sometimes I go on a bit but it is very important to make sure all the facts are clear and everyone understands the situations that are out in my God I mean really could you imagine if we all just didnt review what was possible and what might be and what might happen if I mean the ramfications are endless what with all the issues that are in the world these days not to mention th eweather and global warming and really I mean I was just back from Stonehege the other day and my God you should have seen the crop circles ,,,, well the farmer did mention that he let his son drive and it was a bit foggy and hard to see but you know what I mean,,,,, oh ,,,,, was I rambling,,,,, oh I forgot all my punctuation that is the first sign of rambling you know,,, well I just wanted to say ,,,,, welll mabye I do talk a bit ,,,,,,,, well oK then I here the kettle so bye for now.

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