Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a great big suckfest!!

So my annoy-o-meter hit 11 today. This is seriously a bad weekend for my neighbors to be randomly setting off explosives. I have to repress my constant urge to run outside, and reenact a classic Looney Toons, episode. You know one of the ones where a character ends up with explosives shooting out of one of their orifices.

Harsh? Yes. Unreasonable? Yup. Am I cranky? HELL YA!!

I just got a rejection call from the SEVENTH Company I’ve interviewed with since March. It is always the same spiel. “We really liked you.” “You interviewed beautifully.” “Your resume and cover letter were fantastic.” “But...” fill in the blank. The reasons are endless, but always seem to come down to the same vaguest of vague response, “You just weren’t the right fit.”

Job hunting has got to be the suckiest of sucky activities EVER!! It’s like a suck sandwich, with a side of suck with extra suck on top. It’s about as much fun as poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

I mean, I’m not brain dead. I know there are lots of people looking for work out there. I know that the competition is fierce, and I should just be thankful for every interview I get. I should stop complaining right?

Well, you know what? It’s my blog and I’ll complain if I want to! I need to vent!!!

It is just so frustrating and demoralizing to continually make it to the top few candidates, to not be chosen YET AGAIN!! You can’t help but find yourself asking, WHAT AM I LACKING?!?!? What is it about me that I’m repeatedly “not the right fit?”


The whole process is just EXHAUSTING! From searching, to applying, to interviewing, to waiting to hear back, to the rejection, to starting all over again!

Perhaps, the most trying part of it all for me is the numerous platitudes I receive after my rejection. Inevitably the news of my interview comes up in conversation with someone, or I post something about it on my Facebook status, so then enquiring minds want to know, “How’d it go?”, “Have you heard back yet?”, “Did you get the job?”. This leads to the supportive words of encouragement after word of my rejection, gets out.

“Their loss, there is something better out there for you!”

“The perfect job for you is just around the corner!”

“Don’t give up; I know you’ll find something perfect!”

UGH!!! I know! I’m a bitch! But honestly, at this point when I hear these words of encouragement I just want to tell everyone to SHUT UP!!! I’m tired of hearing it! I know they are being supportive, and I should feel so lucky to have such caring people in my life (and I do), but after SEVEN times, I’m getting tired of hearing it. I JUST WANT A JOB!!!

This amazingly perfect job that is just around the corner, the one I’m supposed to believe Fate wants me to have, the reason I’ve been rejected SEVEN times. IT MUST BE PHENOMENAL!!!!! What is it? A million dollars a month to buy shoes?

Here’s hoping!



Fatshion Chic said...

OMMMMGGGG!!!!!!!!! The funniest and most awesome blog EVVVEERRRR. I swear, you WILL BE a millionairre!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

much love


Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain! I went to a job fair this year and it was a scary, crazy experience! It was a cross between a meat market and a huge practical joke. Let's just say I ran out the door with pee running down my leg! I admire your bravery for facing this. You are one tough cookie for sharing this experience and putting it out there for everyone to see.
I don't share anything via facebook or in person unless I have concrete progress to tell someone. For example, I recently took an exam for teacher certification in my state. I didn't share that until I found out I had passed. Otherwise, everyone would have been hounding me about the results and I would have looked like an epic FAIL if I hadn't passed. I'm a lot more quite about my life now than I used to be. But then again, I don't have a blog!

Mandy:) said...

I totally agree aAnonymous! Believe me, the next job interview I get, I'm not telling a SINGLE SOUL! Then, I can surprise everyone with the good news, or keep the suckfest to myself... we'll except on my blog of course LOL!

glennmacneil said...

Job hunting is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Mabye the best way to do it is ti think of it like going out for a coffee and haveing a casual chat with a stranger who ends up asking for your help which they then decided to pay you for your services!!! Now wouldn't that be a grand way to do a job interview.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness i know how you feel perfectly. I get the always comforting, "well just be happy to have a job." Well, I have a dead end job making a little and I mean a few cents above minimum wage! I am sick of it! I don't even get interviews. I feel your pain and just hope you can find a job soon!

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