Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's in a name?

In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, I have a secret I simply must share. A shocking piece of information that will shake this blog to its foundation. In fact once this blatant dishonesty is revealed, I hope you will not be totally turned off from reading my mundane ramblings and will still grace me with repeated visits. All right, deep breath, here goes…

My legal name is not Mandy… it’s Amanda.

Phew!!! I’m so glad I got that off my chest! I mean, how could I in good conscience, continue writing a blog with the title “Mandyland”, without admitting that, legally, it is not actually my name.

What? Are you rolling your eyes?!? Not a juicy enough confession for you? Get your mind out of the gutter! (But don't give up hope! Who knows what might end up on here in the future!)

When my parents were coming up with names for their firstborn (me), according to my Mom, my Dad loved the name Mandy, thanks to the Barry Manilow hit of the same name.

TANGENT ALERT!! Did you know that Manilow did not even write this song? It was originally written and recorded by a British guy named Scott English, and in this version the name of the girl was Brandy. Thank goodness for Manilow's decision to record his version with the name Mandy instead, or my name could be Brandy, and this would be the "Brandyland" blog! Would I then have to talk about all different types and uses for brandy? I don't even drink brandy! Does ANYONE drink brandy? Although, I've read speculations that Manilow was recovering from an addiction to quaaludes also known as Mandrax (MDMA), which was commonly referred to as Mandy, so...

Anyway, my Dad wanted to name me Mandy and my Mom agreed, as long as it was Amanda on the birth certificate.


Robert, but we’ll call him Bobby… Michelle, but we’ll call her Mimi… Richard, but we’ll call him Dickey. Hey all you parents out there! Do you have any idea of the lifelong grief this causes your progeny?!?

For the entirety of my conscious life I have been fighting this battle. First day of school, as the teacher reads roll call, “Amanda MacNeil”, and the reply of “Here, and it’s just Mandy”. The first time appointments at doctor and dentist offices, “What can we do for you today Amanda?”, with the reply of "Well I have this pain, and oh by the way, it's just Mandy" Do me a favor people; name your children a proper name and then USE IT!

While I was growing up I would always run over searching in vain for the "Mandy" items, amongst the keychains, drinking cups and nameplates in the souvenir stores. There were always LOTS of Amandas, but NEVER any Mandys. While on a layover at the D.C. airport, taking the first steps on my journey to becoming a permanent resident of the USA, newly married and EXCITED for what the future would hold, my husband slipped away to get us some snacks. He returned, proudly handed me a bag and said, "Welcome to the USA!" I looked inside and I was so excited.

Mandy is who I am. It’s how I introduce myself. I definately don't see myself as an Amanda. Amanda is a name I identify with trouble. If ever I heard “Amanda Gayle Margaret” come out of my Mother’s mouth I knew that the threat level was red and I should probably run and hide!

So, since this blog is an homage to me and ALL that makes me who I am, I thought I’d end this, my first entry with a little love for my given name,

Amanda: pronounced ah-MAN-dah. Of Latin origin, its meaning is "fit to be loved, lovable".

Fit to be loved? I like it! I think this blog is destined for greatness! And perhaps its author as well!

Come back soon,


Louise said...

Love your blog, Mandy, you're a natural writer. And at least your name IS a derivation of your actual name. Unlike me, Sally Louise. My parents FORGOT what they agreed on in all the excitement of my birth and Mum registered me as Sally, Dad told everyone at home I was Louise. And they NEVER BOTHERED to change it either way. Plus, we moved a lot so at every new school I would not answer to Sally because I didn't know that was me! Feel better now?!

Mandy:) said...

OMG Louise!! Yes! I feel much better now! LOL

smange said...

Hee! I wonder if Maddie/Madeline is going to have the same blog post in the future! xoxo

Erinne Who's Your Planner? said...

LOL I identify with you about the key chains and pens etc. I love the fact that my name is spelled different Erinne....but I hated the fact I could never get any of those special things like all the other children. I am grateful that my name was different it made me unique.

Love the blog hun, maybe you should see about getting a job with the paper or a magazine. You are a natural.

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