Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Official

Okay, FYI… I started writing this post on January 1st! Yup, that’s right… TEN days ago. I’ve got big news to tell you, which ultimately explains why I have been MIA for so long, but it seems like the powers that be don’t want me to blog anymore. Something BIG happened that has had me totally preoccupied… well that and I have a certified plague carrier living in my house. She may be cute as a button, and soft and cuddly but…


She is also carrying every known bacteria and illness out there. The flu, the common cold… heck for all I know she might be carrying the black plague!! I mean what is more fun to a two year old then to run her hands through her mouth (after touching every disgusting item in her path) and then promptly placing them on your face! YECK!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been as sick as I have lately. The latest bout consisted of my body thinking it would be good fun to allow a small amount of fluid to collect in my inner ear.

Do you have any idea how important it is to the functioning of the rest of your body to keep your ears free of foreign fluids?!?!?

Let me tell you, I seriously felt drunk… only without the full body relaxation, feelings of hilarity, capped off by the certainty of knowing your ARE the COOLEST!

Anyway, now that the world has stopped spinning (for the most part anyway) and there is a rare moment of calm in Mandyland it’s high time to fill you in on some MAJOR developments.

So, here we go.

First: It’s Official….

My little girl is 2!

The first weekend after we arrived home from our great European adventure (which I promise to wrap up eventually) we celebrated Miss M with a cake, a few friends and a heap load of presents. As I watched my little angel (or devil depending on her mood-of-the-moment) run around, gripping the massive Singing Elmo Balloon from her Daddy in her sticky little fist, I could hardly believe how quickly time has flown by.

I mean… TWO?!?!


How did that happen??? It feels like just yesterday she was my little peanut, all tiny and wrinkled, and new. Now, she is this walking talking little person. Constantly exploring the world around her and absolutely tickled-pink by every new discovery she makes. I love watching her yes get big and excited when she learns or discovers something new. JUST PRICELESS!!

I think this third year of my Munchkin’s life is going to be full of both the terrible (they don’t call it the Terrible Twos for nothing people) and the terrific, and I can hardly wait!

Second: It’s Official…

I turned the big 3-0!

Yup, I’ve officially entered the next decade of my life, and seriously I couldn’t have asked for a better kick off. Absolutely spoiled by my dear friend Jessica and my awesome hubby, I had a BLAST!

The event included surprise mani-pedis, beautiful over the top hotel room, chocolates, wine, crazy birthday accessories, glamorous hair and make-up session by my personal style goddess (Mrs. Kane… but of course), private lounge area reserved for a night of food and drink, more surprises including guests and greetings from around the world….


It was just a 150% TOP NIGHT!! In fact I had so much fun that I think I’m going to turn 30 again next year, just so I can repeat the experience.

Finally, and definitely the biggest: It’s Official…


HELL YA!!! Fist-pumping, jumping up and down, doing the happy dance, high-fiving, chest bumping…

I have seriously been busting at the seams to share that news, but all that goes into suddenly becoming a Working Mom as opposed to a SAHM has made it near impossible for me to focus and get to writing…

Well that and the aforementioned ongoing plague in my household.

Seriously people, being a Working Mom takes some talent. But, let me refocus… I will talk about the wonders of working and being a parent in another post.

So… you remember my post “Yuck It Up” ? The one where I recounted what could quite possibly be considered the worst interview experience EVER. A story filled with infection, oozing, sleep deprivation, poxes, boils… and although at times comedic, a story that concluded without the Hollywood ending of the much abused heroine getting the job.

Ya, I KNOW my loyal readers didn’t forget that wonderful tale of Mandyland mishap.

Well… cue karma, destiny, fate and whatever other mystical force you want to invoke causes I TOTALLY got THAT job!! The one that ended in misery after a seriously over the top effort on my part!!!!

Hard to believe? Well, the end of October, brought an end to my drought of job opportunities, and I was FLOODED. I even had two interviews on one day! Although, one didn’t pan out as I had expected, the other went GREAT and was promptly followed by the customary waiting.

And waiting…. And waiting… And waiting….

After days spent in my typical post interview obsession phase. The one which resembles a teen girl waiting for the call from the boy she likes, who she thinks likes her, but she’s not really sure, but she talked to his best friend’s, sister’s, brother who said….

Just picture me perched by the phone, checking my emails about 100 times a day and generally possessed by the spirit of OCD and you get the exact idea. Finally after a few days enough was enough and we needed to get out of the house.

Packing up Ms. M we made a beeline for OMSI. After a morning of educational, nurturing fun, followed immediately by trashy, horrible-for-you McDonald’s chicken nuggets…

That’s right people; it’s all about BALANCE in this house!!!

The Munchkin and I returned home to find the phone message light blinking. Thinking it was a response from the job I had recently interviewed for I lunged for the phone and quickly dialed the necessary numbers to check the voicemail.

SURPRISE!!!!! We were wondering if you were still interested in our Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Position, as it has recently become available again….

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One short telephone conversation followed by a quick interview/meet and greet with the BIG BOSS and I was…

H to the I to the R – E – D! HIRED! HIRED! HIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet victory is MINE!

So, since then I’ve pretty much just been trying to keep a little work-life balance going on in Mandyland, and honestly I’m pretty sure I’m failing miserably.

But more about that next time, and I promise it won’t be 3 months til my next post!

Bringing home a bit o’the bacon,


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Stone Cottage Mama said...

I miss you Mandy. More than you know. You are one of my favorite moms, so cool you are. One of the things Bo wants to do that he has never been able to do is meet all of mine and Naomi's friends. And the hubbies too. Yours is awesome and I know they would click.

So let's make it a priority to get together soon.

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