Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling the Love!

Apparently, a couple little birdies were listening to my pleas for a vacation from my life, and have since delivered into my hands a ticket for the Munchkin and I to go to Europe for three weeks to visit my parents. My Dad and Step-Mom Michelle have not seen Madeline since before she was walking, so I am so excited for them to meet the little person she has become.

Well, minus the sonic screaming and full body thrashing, anyway.

One of the little birdies was told to give me a card with the surprise tickets inside. This is what I got,

It’s a piece of paper with a FAKE ticket printed on it. Maybe, in my dreams I fly first class, but in reality I’m herded onto the plane and shunted into economy with the rest of the cattle.

Not the prettiest way of springing the surprise, but I’m going to Europe, so really… who cares?

Counting the sleeps,


Special thanks to my little birdies, Dad, Michelle and Colby, who are making this happen. A girl couldn’t ask for better! XOXO

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