Monday, November 7, 2011

My Arch Nemesis

You wanna know why I find it so hard to find time to write, and create, and exercise, and well do just about anything…

This is why…

Meet “The Laundry”, my arch nemesis!

In my life the priorities are as follows,

1. Family: Kiddo and Hubs
2. Everything else…
3. Housework!

When it comes to dishes, dusting and tidying up, I do the best I can, but generally don’t sweat it.

If my house is messy, c’est la vie, a toddler lives here.

If the shelves are dusty, so what, we’re not allergic.

If the dishes haven’t been done yet, no problem, I’ll get to them eventually.

Unless, I’m expecting visitors, I know the house will be clean, when I get to it.

But the laundry, it seems like I can NEVER get ahead of it!

Like the creepy doll in the horror movie that never goes away, it seems no matter what I do there is a pile of laundry waiting for me.

It just keeps coming back!

I’ll diligently spend an entire afternoon, tackling the beast, finally getting it all washed, dried and put away, then I’ll turn around and find this!

What the hell!!!!

It’s not like I can avoid it. My family can’t walk around naked. Even if we were “those” kind of people, as previously stated, it’s Fall in the Pacific Northwest. It’s COLD up in this joint! There are certain parts of my person I do no wish exposed to such chilly conditions, and I’m sure the Hubs would second and third that statement, if you know what I mean…

As for Miss M.? Well she’s 3. If she could walk around naked all day, every day, I think she’d be living in her own personal nirvana.

I think I’ve hated laundry for as long as I have been responsible for doing it. In fact when I was in University, I went out and bought a brand new outfit in order to avoid the odious task for just one, more, day.

A picture of fiscal responsibility, that’s me!

Even as I write this I’m surrounded. There is a pile waiting to greet me as I walk upstairs, another at the top of the stairs waiting to be brought down to washer, and another next to my bed!

And the worst part is, I know the evil will only grow larger right after I finish this and head to bed.

So, I guess it's time to wave the white flag and surrender.

Fine Laundry, you win!

Til death do us part…

Or at least I hope…

Haunted by dryer sheets

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