Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where My Elves At?!?

First, let me say, I love Christmas.

Really, I do!

I love the food and the music and the decorating and the crafting and the giving and everything that IS Christmas.


Right now my office is a wreck. It generally looks like Christmas threw-up, and it’s up to me to clean up the mess.

I have To Do lists coming out of every pocket, handbag and orifice of my being. It’s possible I might need to create a separate To Do list in order to organize my other To Do lists, and…

My longtime frenemy Insomnia has come for an unwelcomed visit.

So, why, you ask, if I love Christmas so much, does it cause me so much stress?

Because I am a woman!

As most any member of the faier sex can tell you, slap us into a red suit, add a beard, and BAM… there’s your Santa!

Therefore, as the Santa in residence here in Mandyland my gift to the men I know and love is a little enlightenment.

Christmas does not just magically manifest!

If you are sitting in a beautifully decorated home, with a delicious meal, surrounded by your loved ones, opening a plethora of thoughtful gifts, then chances are somewhere there is a woman you should be thanking… profusely!


If said women should politely ask you to lend a hand by buying a present or two, hanging some Christmas lights, or making a trip to the post office, do not under any circumstance roll your eyes, sigh or act put out.

Unless you want to end up like this…

Holiday Overload

Consider yourself warned!

Ho, Ho, Ho,


*** This photo was created by Joel Robison and is entitled "Holiday Overload". I highly recommend you click on the picture to check out his Flikr Photostream, and also visit his Facebook Fan Page! He's even a fellow Canuck, bonus!***

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