Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Littlest Sister!

Today my baby sister turns 23 years old. I can’t say I know that many 23 year olds, but I’m pretty sure she is the coolest one out there. We met when she was 5 and I was 12. My Dad and her Mom were dating and it was time for the kids to meet. I’d love to say we hit it off instantly, but that would be a SERIOUS lie.

Only having a brother I hade no idea of the complexities of a sisterly relationship. I soon found out when I was put in charge of babysitting Myriam and her 8 year old sister Emilie, that sisters have WAY more to butt heads about then a brother and a sister. They fought about everything!

At my wits end as to what to do about the never ending squabbling, I asked my Dad for advice. His solution was for me to immediately send them to their rooms whenever they fought. No matter who started it, what it was about… no excuses, no exceptions. And so I put it to the test. One night they began to bicker about a set of markers and I nipped it in the bud, sending them both to their rooms.

Soaking up the silence I went into the kitchen to tidy up from dinner. Suddenly I heard something, a quiet, whispering giggle, followed by a door closing. Putting down the dish I was washing I went into the hall to investigate. The giggling got louder as I approached their closed doors, and then I saw it. A yellow post it note on Myriam’s door. Here is what it said,

“Mandy has big boobs”

Please keep in mind that this insult was coming from a 6 year old. To this day I can’t recall this moment without laughing out loud!

Myriam is my beautiful, talented and creative little sister. Her creations inspire me all the time. I love seeing the things she imagines.

She is quick to laugh and that laughter is infectious. Her smile is always genuine and heartfelt.

She's a little bit crazy,

And a little bit quiet.

She lives her life outside the box, always looking to be a little different, a little quirky, and most importantly having a little fun!

She bucks trends for trends sake. She is rarely a sheep, always being true to her own personal beliefs and style before following the crowd. She might not know 100% who she is yet, but she is definitely working on it! Searching for what makes her happy and then making plans to chase it with all her heart and soul.

In short I think she is pretty amazing. She is full of dreams and ideas, and I seriously can’t wait to see what direction life will take her.

So here’s to my sweet little sister. I really can’t believe you are 23! I still picture you as the little girl begging me to watch “Grease” or “Thumbelina” with you for the 100th time. Wherever the time has gone it is chocked full of amazing memories. I wish I was there to have a glass of wine with you to celebrate the day, but since I’m not, be sure to have an extra one for me.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday Sweets!



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