Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toddlers on a Plane!

You want a scary concept for a movie, forget snakes on a plane, just load the plane with tired, hungry, anxious and seriously bored toddlers. Now that is a guaranteed freak fest!

In an attempt to avoid this chilling scene I’ve been avidly researching toys, games and tranquilizers to help my darling daughter get through the 15 (yes FIFTEEN) total hours of flight time ahead of her. A challenge for any mature adult let alone a little person with more energy then the average worker bee.

In my search (yup lists and research, it’s always a party at my house!), I found this amazing site. If you are planning to travel with your children it is a must visit. Delicious Baby is a site dedicated to tips and gear for travelling with children. I found fabulous lists of toys, games and tips for keeping my Munchkin busy on our marathon journey.

Here is the result of my research. A busy bag any toddler would salivate over.

A new dolly, books, pipe cleaners (suggested by Delicious Baby, fun for twisting and making bracelets etc.), crayons, a little flashlight (fun for turning on and off), a fan that lights up… FUN FUN FUN!!

And of course a few surprises made by Mommy.

My little girl LOVES to look at pictures. She loves pointing to the people in them and talking about who they are. So I made her a little flip book filled with pictures of her family. I’m hoping it will be good for a least a half hour of fun time!!

Ms. M also loves looking at faces and pointing out the features. Eyes, nose, mouth. So I cut a bunch of each out of magazines and mounted them on magnets. Combine with a simple metal circle and you have a fun face building game. I also included a few buttons and flowers to play around with.

All in all, I think Ms. M will be delighted. Starting with the dolly I will dole out all these fun goodies a little at a time throughout the trip. Best of all, it packs conveniently into a cute little pink backpack that I got at Office Max for $10. As you can see the dolly didn’t fit, so in a moment of genius I grabbed the leftover shoelaces my Mom bought for me when I walked in the Breast Cancer 3 Day last year and strapped her on.

Cute as a BUTTON!

One more piece of gear to obtain and we are ready to go.




Jessica Kane said...

seriously. genius. LOOVEEE the backpack too!! awwwwwww going to miss you guys. is it real?

Anonymous said...

awwwwww i'm sooooe excited for you guys! have sooo much fun on your adventure together xoxoxo Em

glennmacneil said...

your the Mommy machine just fantastic can't wait now Sitard Market, El ginio, Cpachino,Wild park Gangelt etc,etc,oh yea Pari!! 4 more sleeps

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